Squid & Corn Salad at High Street on Market // Her Philly

Chef’s Tasting Menu at High Street on Market

19th August 2014

Checking off a restaurant that’s been “on your list” for awhile is a great thing, but what makes it even better is when that restaurant is everything you could have hoped for (and, hopefully, more). Last week, my friend Kelly and I ubered on down to Old City for dinner at High Street on Market (308 Market Street). I’ve been crushing on High Street since I had dinner at a.kitchen (135 South 18th Street) and was really impressed at Eli Kulp‘s ability to get me to eat things I wasn’t entirely sure I would like, or even fully know exactly what I was eating, to be honest (I am a disgrace . . . this is why I am not a food blogger).

Review of High Street Market Chef's Tasting Menu // Her Philly

The decor of High Street is adorable. I loved the furniture, the table settings, the lighting, basically, all of it. The entire kitchen is open and visible from the tables, and, while there is no formal bar in this tiny gem, the staff was very accommodating with switching out gin for vodka in my drink, because, that’s what 25 year olds do.

We decided (insert the most un-obnoxious way of getting across the sentiment of “yolo” here) that we would give the $45 8-course Chef’s Tasting Menu a try. The waitress checked with us to see if there was anything we were not to keen on, which, for me, was the Lamb Carpaccio (bite your tongue – wait til you see what I tried!) – very appreciated. Baby steps.

High Street Potted Shrimps // Her Philly

Some of the courses came out for us to share, and some we were served individually. I was determined to try a few things I had never had before, and succeeded with foie over potted shrimps (above) and duck ragu. We were immediately struck with how beautifully everything was plated. While it was really tempting to snap some shots (as I obviously did), we pretty much dug right in to everything as soon as it hit our table. But, just so you know, ladies, the Instagram potential is there.

Squid & Corn Salad at High Street on Market // Her Philly

My two favorite dishes of the night were the squid & corn salad (above) and the burrata (below). I sincerely could eat the burrata every day of my life – it was that good.

Best thing at High Street on Market - the burrata // Her Philly

Our tasting also came with some of High Street’s famous bread and desserts. We were certainly full after our hour of eating, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable full. More like a, simply satisfied with all of the beautiful food we just got to eat, full.

Asparagus Tortelloni from High Street // Her Philly

If you’re looking for a fun night out with your friends, High Street offers a $25 Friends & Family 4-course dinner every Tuesday night at 9pm. We saw a few groups coming in on our way out, and it looked like a really cool experience.

Now go listen to my new favorite song and have a great rest of your day, gals! xx


Disclosure: Our dinners were free via a voucher I redeemed on the new Philly app SocialLadder. Connect all your social networks & check it out! There are some real gems on there.

5 Tips for Diner En Blanc // Her Philly

5 Tips For A Fantastic Dîner en Blanc

5th August 2014

So Diner en Blanc is less than three weeks away, and while I might not have it all together (like if any of the four outfits that are currently being expressed shipped to my doorstep will work), I do know a thing or two about how to enjoy it. Last year was my first year at DEB, so I was really just making some educated guesses about how to make the night as successful as possible. But this year, I’m taking what I learned and making a few changes in my process – and, sharing with you, of course. The majority of these tips were written by me a few days after DEB 2013 and have been sitting in my blog drafts ever since, so you know they’re the real deal.

5 Tips for Diner En Blanc // Her Philly

Tip #1: Get a ride to your group meeting spot. You will be a whole lot less hot when you arrive, and your feet will thank you (see Tip #2).

Tip #2: Invest. In. Comfy. Shoes. White sandals are pretty hard to find to begin with, so when you find a good pair, snatch them up. You’ll want them for the walking to the surprise dinner destination and all of the dancing you’ll be doing!

Tip #3: Bring along a nice camera. Or, figure out your iPhone’s settings to capture lights, candles, sparklers, and people in the dark. And when you figure that out, please let me know.

Tip #4: Opt for electric candles. One of the only problems we had with our table set up last year was our candles blowing out every five seconds. It definitely may look prettier with the real thing, but it’s not worth the stress.

Tip #5: Plan for practical amounts of food and wine. For us, that meant less food, more wine. Even if you underestimate on the food a bit, there will be so many people around you (who didn’t read this list, obviously) who will be offering you their extra grub. Also, ice for the wine, yes please.

Do you have any tips that made your past Diner en Blanc’s a success? xx


The Not Wedding Philadelphia held at Power Plant Productions // Her Philly

Philly Girl Summer Life {2014}

23rd July 2014

I have really been loving this summer. The sunshine makes me so happy. I don’t think I have done this season’s update post (see last summer), where I just get to talk about all of the fun and random things going on in my life . . . so here we are.

The Single Life
We all know I’m single (because it seems like I announce it every chance I get), but I don’t let that stop me from attending the things I want in the city. Last week, I posted a guest blog for Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia all about attending Diner en Blanc as a single woman. Check it.

Emily Tharp and Lindsay Tharp at Downtown Disney // Her Philly

Traveling Lady
As you may have seen on Twitter & Instagram, I just got back from Orlando. I was there for a social media conference (which I will be posting about!), and added on a few extra days of vacation with my family. We went to Disney World (obviously) and had some amazing dinners while we were there. Each of my family members asked if I’d be blogging about my trip, so . . . hi guys!

Omni Orlando // Her Philly

300 Club!
I took a few weeks off from Flywheel when I started my new job, but I am back and loving life. I just took my first Fly60 class with Nicole and I am very proud of myself. I made it through the class and scored over 300 points – holla! Thank you, Flywheel, for helping me enjoy working out. If any of you ever want to give Flywheel a try, your first class is free, and I’d love to go with you!

Geeks for the Win
Because I totally needed a new show to keep me occupied, and because I trust all things HBO, I started (and finished) Silicon Valley. It was slightly crude, but most of the jokes did not bother me that much. The episodes are quick, so if you’re interested in the tech world, check it out.

The Not Wedding Philadelphia held at Power Plant Productions // Her Philly

My Social Calendar
This month has been a fun one for events! I started off at The Not Wedding, which, despite being the only person there not planning a wedding, was still really cool to attend. It was held at Power Plant Productions (230 North 2nd Street) – I’m obsessed. Next was the Yelp 10 Year Anniversary Party, held at the Shops at Liberty Place (1625 Chestnut Street). There was a ton of great food and drinks there, but my favorites were definitely the cupcakes from Twelve Baskets. Later that week, I attended my first concert at Festival Pier for The Fray and Neon Trees. I loved the venue – I’ll definitely be back for more shows!

10 Years of Yelp Party Philadelphia // Her Philly

On one final note, thank you for continuing to read and spread the word about my blog. I have met so many of you lately and it is seriously still unreal to me that people like you enjoy reading Her Philly. I love ya all. Have a wonderful rest of your week! xx


Garden of Flavor Juice Cleanse Review // Her Philly

My First Juice Cleanse

15th July 2014

If you personally know me, or have ever seen me out around the city, you know I am not . . . how can I say this . . . a “health nut.” I like pizza, and pulled pork, and really just carbs in general. I enjoy white wine, and beer, and double vodka tonics. Yes, I work out and do enjoy it, but to me, life is more exciting like this. For the most part.

After a weekend in Avalon last month, filled with a few too many brews, bagels etc., I needed to calm my life down a bit. I had always heard of “cleanses,” and asked a few of my nutrition pals for their thoughts (which were mixed). I did some more research on my own and decided to give one a go. The team at Garden of Flavor (which you can buy in this area – keep reading!) had kindly sent me a three day cold pressed juice cleanse to try out. Seeing as this was my first time cleansing, and I had pretty low expectations for myself, I decided to give it a try for two full days.

I kept a little “diary,” if you will, about my three days (two days of drinking juice + one easing my way back to real food) and thought that would be the best way for me to share my experience with you.

Garden of Flavor Juice Cleanse Review // Her Philly


6:45am - Black coffee. Typically, you don’t drink coffee during a cleanse. But GoF’s PR rep shared that she keeps it in her cleanse rotation, so I went with it.
Garden of Flavor Juice #1: Goji Pineapple // Her Philly8:25am - Here goes nothing! Juice #1 is Goji Pineapple. I really love the ginger and mint.
9:30am - Finished the first juice. I have lots of meetings today. My stomach is growling in those meetings.
11:40am - Juice #2 is Cucumber Fresh. It’s very light and grassy. Is it too early to want pizza? Yes, Emily, it is. I am drinking lots of water instead to prolong the juice comsumption.
Garden of Flavor Juice #3: Mean Green // Her Philly3:00pm - I’m surprised how long I lasted before getting into Juice #3, Mean Green. I like the name. This one is also pretty light, despite having five pounds of leafy greens in this very bottle.
5:30pm - Juice #4 is Twisted Roots. I am drinking it on my drive home from the office. It is super sweet, but I like beets, so I’m enjoying it. Drinking these juices is really making me rethink what the hell I eat everyday. Seriously.
Garden of Flavor Juice #5: White Knight // Her Philly7:30pm - Juice #5 is White Knight. This one is pretty creamy, and a few people from GoF recommended I freeze it and eat it like ice cream. Well, I am an idiot, and I froze it IN THE PLASTIC BOTTLE. Let’s just let that sink in for a minute. Now, I am basically sawing my way to the juice with a knife. (I do not recommend this.)Garden of Flavor // Her Philly7:55pm - Finally sawed through the bottle. This was an interesting method, but let’s just be honest . . . despite the vanilla and cinnamon flavors, juice will never, ever be ice cream.
8:30pm - Let me just say, social media friends, why are you ALL ABOUT the food pictures?! I hate being on Instagram today.
9:20pm - I’ve finally freaking made it through the day! Juice #6 is Turmeric Tonic. It’s basically a spicy lemonade. I enjoyed it, but couldn’t finish it. And now I’m ready for bed.

DAY 2 

7:00am - Well hello world. I am feeling OK this morning. I am having a smaller cup today, but I still need that coffee.
8:30am - Starting my first juice. I am really hungry. I just want an English muffin.
Garden of Flavor Juice #2: Cucumber Fresh // Her Philly11:00am - Time for Juice #2. Someone eating SunChips in my meeting. I hate them and the SunChips.
1:30pm - Juice #3. I think I know what’s so tough for me. Food is exciting to me (obviously), and especially when I’m not as busy and have time to ponder my food choices, these juices are just, a little uneventful.
Garden of Flavor Juice #4: Twisted Roots // Her Philly3:45pm - Juice #4. A moment of self reflection: I need to get to a place where I do not eat without thinking each choice through. I have more control over my body than I thought.
5:00pm - I feel like today’s Twisted Roots has a lot more carrots than yesterday’s. I hate carrot juice. It’s taking me so long to drink.
6:45pm - Tonight is Movie Club, and because I like to inflict torture upon myself, I pick Chef as our flick for the evening. I am drinking Juice #5 through the movie. Because, of course, Cuban food does not hold a candle to my faux milkshake drink.
Garden of Flavor Juice #6: Turmeric Tonic // Her Philly9:15pm - I couldn’t finish my last juice again tonight. It’s time for slumber.

6:15am - I made it!!! I feel really good today. Refreshed and almost like, if I had the self-restraint, my body could easily do another day. To get back into eating real foods, I need some soft fruits and veggies. I am kind of worried about my options at work.
9:00am - Not much in the soft fruit and veggie department for breakfast. I had an orange.
Juice Cleanse Review // Her Philly12:15pm - FOOD. Glorious. FOOD. My lunch is filled with fruits and a salad. I am having a few tiny pieces of grilled chicken on the side, even though it is not called for the day you’re coming back from a cleanse. But, I am craving it. Lunch is great.
6:30pm - Ah happy hour. Despite the temptation, I am going with water.
7:00pm - Good freaking thing I did. I am starting to feel lightheaded. It’s time for food. I get a Good Dog Salad and dig in. It is delicious.
9:00pm - I am home from happy hour and I am starving. Whatever, I am having some pistachios.  Good night.


The cleanse was a really unique experience for me. It showed me I could actually control my body and my mind and do something like this. I did lose a few pounds when all was said and done. In addition to the lack of excitement (for someone like me), one of the hardest parts was trying to find actual full days when I didn’t have dinner plans or an event after work to fit the cleanse in to my schedule. As you’ve read, I don’t claim to be a health specialist, so you have to know if a cleanse is the right thing for your body. The Garden of Flavor website has some great resources on why you should cleanse and other FAQs that helped me during the process.

If you’d like to try the Garden of Flavor juice cleanse, you can currently get it at the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting, PA & Marlton, NJ. GoF is hoping to be in the Philly stores in the next few weeks, so I will keep you posted when I get word they’re there. The average cost is $44 for the six-pack cleanse (one day) or $7.99 per juice.

What do you think ladies, have you ever done a cleanse? Thoughts?



Disclosure: I was sent a three day juice cleanse from Garden of Flavor to try. All opinions are my own.

What To Do In Philadelphia In The Summer // Her Philly

Summer in the City

8th July 2014

This summer in Philly has really been so exciting to me. I just spent my 4th of July weekend here, frolicking around the city with my sister, her puppy and some friends and had the best time . . . dining outside, laying around in the park, enjoying our city’s walkability factor, shopping for fresh flowers, making the best froyo combination that hit the spot, and just taking in all Philly has to offer.

What To Do In Philadelphia In The Summer // Her Philly

There is still so much summer left to experience, and so many exciting events going on. Here’s what I have on my list for the remainder of the season:

1. Brews with a pretty backdrop: Ever since I heard the new location of this year’s PHS Pop Up Garden (1438 South Street), I couldn’t wait to get there. It’s finally open (tonight!) . . . and between that and Spruce Street Harbor Park, I think I’m covered for the summer.

2. Concerts, concerts, concerts: I’ll be singing along to The Fray this weekend, followed up Gavin DeGraw and Matt Nathanson, Dave Patten, and a show-filled weekend in September I can’t even discuss yet (because it’s just too good to be true).

3. Venturing into collegeland for some good eats: I don’t make it to University City as much as I’d like to, and I have been experiencing some serious Center City District Restaurant Week withdraw. The solution is University City Dining Days, July 17-27. Sign me up for Distrito (3945 Chestnut Street), please.

4. A musical outdoor BYO: Every summer that goes by without me making it to Sister Cities Park (18th & Ben Franklin Parkway) for Parings on the Parkway, I get very sad. But between now and August 28th, I promise to make it up for some music and drinks (of my choice, of course).

5. The night of white: Ah, one thing that makes me super excited about (the later half of) summer is the return of Diner en Blanc. Registration for Phase 1 opens today, and I can’t wait to gather my girlfriends for lady date: year two.

As for the things I don’t have time to blog about, I’m always mentioning them on Twitter. Here are a few other gems I’m trying to throw into my summer rotation:

What Philly things will you be getting in before the summer’s over?


The new Spruce Street Harbor Park // Her Philly

{It’s Worth The Hype} Spruce Street Harbor Park

30th June 2014

If you’ve been on the internet in the past, well, month or so, you’ve definitely heard of the city’s new Spruce Street Harbor Park (Columbus Boulevard & Spruce Street) over on the Delaware River Waterfront. It seems like everyone is talking about this place, so I couldn’t wait to check it out. As soon as I heard this year’s #WhyILovePhilly party was being held there (the night before it opened to the public!), I snatched up a ticket. And let me tell you, it is worth the hype.
Spruce Street Harbor Park Hammocks // Her PhillyThe park is set up with a few different areas. Right off Columbus, you’ll find the hammocks. This section is gorgeous and pretty serene when it starts to get dark. As most of us living in the city can attest to – setting up a good ol’ hammock in your alleyway doesn’t quite have the same allure to it.
Visit Philly tote bags // Her PhillySurrounding the hammocks were some booths set up for the party. I loved the tote bags from Visit Philly, soft pretzel jewelry from Art Star and the awesome Philly skyline necklace from Philadelphia Independents. The park will host an Art Star Pop Up Market with up to 20 vendors every Saturday from 11am-3pm all summer long.
Art Star Philly pretzel jewelry // Her Philly Philly skyline necklace from Philadelphia Independents // Her Philly Once through the tree lined hammock forrest land, past our city’s own makeshift boardwalk, you see the shining star of SSHP: the floating barges. Grab a drink (I loved the red sangria!), hold on to your cell phone, and bop on down.
The new Spruce Street Harbor Park // Her Philly
The area is really just beautiful. What makes it even more beautiful is the food waiting at the new Garces pop-up restaurant, The Blue Anchor. I got the Blue Anchor Special burger, and, because I am obsessed with Village Whiskey, the Shorty Fries. My mouth is watering right now.Jose Garces Blue Anchor Restaurant at Spruce Street Harbor Park // Her PhillyGarces mushroom burget and short rib and cheddar french fries at Spruce Street Harbor Park // Her PhillyWhen the sky gets dark, the park lights up in pretty, bright lights. Ladies, when your Instagram feed is filled with this exact scene for the entire summer, make sure to keep on double tapping, because this is beautiful. Thanks to my bud Albert Lee for the shot of my friend Colleen and I. 
Spruce Street Harbor Park at the #WhyILovePhilly party // Her Philly
Emily Tharp and Colleen Pinder at the #WhyILovePhilly party // Her PhillyIf you saw some of my tweets awhile back, you’d know there is a new “experience” hitting the Philly scene: coloring parties. I have wanted to try Hooley Coloring Co. for a couple months now, so I loved that they had a booth at the party. Guests could color a Philly themed postcard and write a love note, and the ladies from Hooley would mail it off to whatever Philly location you chose. I, obviously, wrote one of mine to Little Pete’s (is the obsession getting old now?) and kept one of my postcards. I now have it hanging in my office at work. 
Philly love notes from Hooley Coloring Co. // Her PhillyColoring at the #WhyILovePhilly party at SSHP // Her Philly Emily Tharp with her love note to Philadelphia at Spruce Street Harbor Park // Her PhillyBack up on the boardwalk, there are arcade games, ping pong, shuffleboard, and more. They even will be hosting a bocce ball league there this summer!
Shuffleboard and games at Spruce Street Harbor Park // Her PhillyOn top of the food, drinks, and fun things to do, I loved all of the fantastic photo ops there were around the park. How cool is this Visit Philly beach chair? 
#VisitPhilly chair at SSHP // Her Philly
I had such a fantastic night. The park is a much needed addition to the city’s summertime rotation, and I’m so glad I got to check it out. I see myself being there a loooot this summer. Will you be joining me? xx

Crawfish boil from Crabby Cafe // Her Philly

Summertime Dining: Crabby Cafe & Sports Bar

24th June 2014

In my opinion, the best dining experiences are those in which you actually share an experience with others. There are a ton of ways to achieve this in our city: themed restaurants, unique dining styles, and sampling dishes designed to be shared. I am a firm believer that part of the joy of living in our city is going out to eat – you just have to do it to get the full Philadelphia experience.

Last week, I was invited to Media Night at Crabby Cafe & Sports Bar (1050 North Hancock Street, Unit 1) in the Piazza. I don’t make it to NoLibs that frequently, so I was excited to pop on over and see how she looked on a beautifully warm summer evening.

White Sangria at Crabby Cafe in the Piazza // Her Philly

I was greeted by a nice, cold glass of white sangria (one of my favs!). The other guests and I sat down at tables designated by our spice preferences. I went lemon cajun . . . and you’ll see where that comes in later.

Tony and Tim of Crabby Cafe in Philadelphia // Her Philly

First, we met Tony, the chef, and Tim, the owner. Tony created the restaurant’s menu from his own personal preferences – he liked Louisiana style cooking but craved Vietnamese spices to go along with it. All dishes at Crabby’s are served communal style and are, according to Tim, “meant to be messy.” Thank goodness for the bibs.

Oysters from Crabby Cafe in Philadelphia // Her Philly

We started with raw oysters ($2 each). I think I’m scarred because my first oyster ever was from Ippolito’s, but these were good. I enjoyed the sauces – nice and spicy!

Cajun fries and sweet potato crisps // Her Philly

Next up were the Cajun Fries ($4) and Sweet Potato Crisps (4.50). The fries were definitely a hit with my table.

Crabby Wings from the piazza in Philadelphia // Her Philly

Since Crabby’s is technically a sports bar, they have to have wings, right? The Crabby Wings ($9) were very yummy . . . another good sauce option!

Emily Tharp at Crabby Cafe Media Night // Her Philly

Then, it was time to make sure our bibs were extra secure and get ready for the main event: the ‘ol buckets!

Crawfish boil from Crabby Cafe // Her Philly

Now let me tell you: this was my first time going to town on something like this. Sure, I had seen photos, but the real thing – heaven. Being a newbie, I was struggling majorly with how to even begin, but luckily Kaitlin from I Can Cook That was there to guide me! The menu (with prices) provides you with multiple options to make the perfect basket for your group. The lobster and crab were delicious . . . our lemon cajun spice pick was perfect. I couldn’t really get the art of eating a crawfish, though, and I think the clams were MIA as soon as the photo was taken. I also really liked the sausage and corn – overall very, very yuuum.

I am looking forward to heading back over with my friends for another seafood bucket. If you need an excuse to drag your crew over to NoLibs, the Crabby Cafe has a few Saturday events this summer to write down in your planner:

  • Crabby’s Luau Party: 4pm on July 19th. Unlimited food & drinks for two hours, outdoor dancing and leis.
  • The Crawfish Boil: 4pm on August 9th. An authentic crawfish boil, complete with a live jazz band.
  • Crabby’s Clam Bake: 1-3pm, 4-6pm or 7-9pm on September 13th. Classic New England-style meal with clams, crab legs, and vegetables served by the bucket.

Each event is $40 (or $25 if you skip the booze) and are rain or shine. I hope to see you out there this summer!


Matching with Tyrion Lannister on Tinder // Her Philly

Game Of Tindering

18th June 2014

It’s coming up on my one year anniversary on the ol Tinder (this is a judgement free zone), and even with as many troubling, inappropriate and generally cray men I see on the site, someone always manages to top the last. A few weeks ago, I matched with a nice man named Hodor. A week after that, some gorgeous, curly locks graced my iPhone screen. When I finally got matched with everyone’s favorite (SPOILER ALERT) and still living man, Tyrion Lannister, I knew I had to get the scoop on these Game of Thrones inspired Tinder matches. And no, this has nothing to do with the man giving out spoilers on Tinder . . . because, just no sir.

In honor of the recent season finale, and because you guys asked on Twitter, I thought I would share with some tidbits from my insightful conversation with Game of Thrones Tinder man. Enjoy.

Matching with Tyrion Lannister on Tinder // Her Philly Tyrion Lannister on TInder // Her Philly Chatting with GOT Characters on Tinder  // Her Philly Online Dating Westeros // Her Philly Tyrion Lannister on Tinder // Her Philly Guy who pretends to be GOT characters on Tinder // Her Philly GOT Convos on Tinder // Her Philly Game of Thrones online dating // Her Philly

Game of Thrones Tinder man told me The Hound was next up on his agenda. I hope he got him in before last week’s episode! Who is the gemmiest man you’ve ever matched with on Tinder? Please share. xx


Best Female Childhood TV Characters: Lizzie McGuire

My Childhood Female TV Role Models

13th June 2014

My addiction to TV shows runs deep. When I get in to a show, I am in. it. So it’s not hard to imagine that, before I was obsessing over GIRLSOrange is the New Black and Game of Thrones, I had the Disney Channel, ABC Family, and Noggin (or “The N” during the nighttime hours, obviously) on lock. My TV shows of choice ranged from cartoons (Rocket Power and Hey Arnold!) to “reality” shows, before they were reality shows (Bug Juice and Totally freakin Circus . . . how could you not love?) to plain old dramas filled with teenagers in love (Boy Meets World and Breaker High . . . including a young Ryan Gosling). But my favorite TV shows were the ones who featured dorky but funny, awkward yet smart, female characters who became, basically, my middle school spirit guides.

I guess I have been feeling nostalgic lately . . . but ever since I shared my favorite female TV characters, I knew I couldn’t leave out the ladies who shaped the woman I am today – full of sass, corny jokes and, most importantly, girl power.

5. Sabrina Spellman {Sabrina, the Animated Series}

I was a tad bit too young to fully jump on the live action Sabrina show, so in order to satisfy my lifelong dream of having magical powers, I watched the cartoon. While I wish Salem was a dog, Sabrina started the crop top trend before it was cool, and had Harvey, the most dreamy boyfriend in cargo pants and an alien t-shirt ever.

4. Paige Michalchuk {Degrassi}

There was once a time, back when Drake was just good ol Jimmy Brooks, that the only glimpse we Americans had into those cool Canadian high school lives was through Degrassi. Paige went through some rough patches, yes, but she was always clever and always stood up for herself in the end. I could count on her for some great humor, top notch outfits and solid one liners.

3. Sharon Spitz {Braceface}

Ah braces – I love you because you gave me a smile that is my #1 (appropriately) complimented feature on Tinder, but I hate you, because you ruined my teenage years. Braceface understood that. So young girls around the world who were matching their rubber bands to their soccer uniforms could be comforted with the thought that, hey, times might be tough, but at least I’m not catching metal objects with my mouth like her. Plus, the cast of supporting characters? Stellar.

2. Ginger Foutley {As Told By Ginger}

The summary on IMDB of ATBG (yes I did) says the show follows Ginger and her friends as they “try to fit in social life as well as in school and try to avoid any embarrassments.” If that did not sum up my middle school life, I don’t know what did. I’ll admit I recall zoning out when Ginger’s little bro took over the scenes with some science experiments, but not enough to turn me off forever. Also, any chance I have to watch Little Seal Girl, I’ll take.

1. Lizzie McGuire {Lizzie McGuire}

When I was younger, I remember going around and saying the Lizzie McGuire show was “my bible.” I know I felt really cool while saying it, but it honestly was probably true. I was obsessed. Lizzie took some true fashion and social risks (rhythmic gymnastics – hello?), and the cast additions of Ethan, Kate and Larry Tudgeman were gold. I still don’t think I have given up hope on finding my own Gordo of the new millennium . . . maybe we’ll match on Tinder.

I do now notice that four out of five of these ladies are blonde . . . perhaps it was aspirational? However we all know who I stuck with in the hair color department. So let me hear it – what female shining stars did I leave off my list?


Blogologues Philly

{Time To LOL} Blogologues Is Here

5th June 2014

Attending concerts, plays, and shows was really not on my radar my first year in Philly, so one of my goals this year was to see more live entertainment. While I have been doing a pretty good job cracking away and enjoying the scene, I am always looking for new and unique performances in our lovely city.

I’m excited to introduce you to Jen Jamula & Allison Goldberg, two honorary Philly Ladies You’ll Love who will be spending some time in Philadelphia over the next few weeks. I chatted with them about their hit NYC show, Blogologues, why they took the project to Philly, and their advice to young women.

Jen Jamula + Allison Goldberg

Jen Jamula & Allison Goldberg

HP: How did the two of you meet? What made you decide to start Blogologues?
JJ & AG: We met as undergrads at Yale, but the Blogologues story starts a few years after we graduated. We were both disillusioned with the theater scene and wanted to do something creative. One night, while we were editing footage for our first project, Why Are You On My Train?, Alli started reading a hysterical blog post out loud. About a paragraph in, she said “Jen, this is a monologue!” and Jen jokingly replied “It’s a blogologue”! It’s probably rare that you can pinpoint the exact moment that a project like this began, but that’s how it was! We immediately rented a theater, before we even had a script, just to make sure that we’d do it.

HP: Can you explain the concept of a Blogologues performance?
JJ & AG: All of the text we perform is pulled absolutely verbatim from the internet, and that’s our script. We don’t change a word as it goes from page to stage. Sources can be literally anywhere on the web: blogs, Craigslist, Yelp, and so on. We then brainstorm who these people could really be, why they’re saying this, where they are – and we choose unusual answers. The character performing in front of you will most likely never be a blogger typing a post – it will be a pirate on a journey to find gold, for example. We create new shows 3-4 times per year, and each show has new material and a different theme. We interact with the audience a lot, so the experience feels immediate. It’s a fun challenge to interact and adapt while staying true to the text.

Times is On It Newsies Parody Blogologues Comedy

HP: My life is a constant joke due to online dating. Do you touch on Tinder, OkCupid, etc. in the show?
JJ & AG: Funny you should mention that. This weekend and next, were bringing Blogologues: Dat A.S.S., our second-annual sex show, to Philly. In the show, we perform a scene comprised of real Tinder messages and an OkCupid profile that happens to be from Philadelphia . . . You’ll have to come see the show to learn more! :)

HP: Why did you choose Philly as your first new city?
JJ & AG: People have been telling us that we need to take the show on the road for a long time now, but it’s been a daunting task. We decided it was time to bite the bullet, and started discussing east coast cities. Philly quickly became the obvious answer: it has a great vibe, an arts scene, and a growing tech scene. The tech community in NYC has been extremely supportive of the project, so the tech element was a big draw for us in Philly.

Blogologues Ensemble - Jen Jamula, Adam Levinthal, Wendy Joy, Gary Berard, Allison Goldberg

Blogologues Ensemble – Jen Jamula, Adam Levinthal, Wendy Joy, Gary Berard, Allison Goldberg

HP: What are you most excited to do/see/eat in our fair city?
JJ & AG: Jen is excited to see her brother, who lives in Philly. Honestly, Alli hasn’t been since she was a kid and is pretty excited to see the Liberty Bell. Also, Yelp tells us that there are like a million awesome restaurants literally within blocks from the theater (we’ll be at Studio X, inside Theatre Exile), so we’re pretty excited about that. We are hoping to make it to this Indonesian place.

HP: What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with young women?
JJ & AG: Part of the impetus behind creating Blogologues stemmed from our disillusionment with the lack of diverse, meaty female parts for women in theater. We created Blogologues to be able to depict some of the millions of really unique, individual humans out there. In our productions, our cast of five plays about 5-10 different characters each, with a lot of gender-bending (primarily girls playing guys). Also of note, our productions feature three women and two men, in contrast to the typical NYC comedy show which features all men and maybe one “token female.”

So, our advice is this: We live in an incredible world where you can make your own fate. The tech community has been so inspiring to us; we call them “the new artists.” If there’s something they want to see in the world, they build it. They’ll start before they have any guarantee of funding. Be a female founder. We need way more of them.

Jen Jamula & Allison Goldberg from Blogologues

Thanks to Jen and Allison such a great interview! Blogologues will be in Philly this Saturday, June 7th, next Friday, June 13th and Saturday June 14th. The performances are running at Theatre Exile (1340 South 13th Street) and are a quick walk away from East Passyunk, so buy your ticket and get excited. I’ll see you there!