My Favorite 2015 Planners

I write down everything in my planner. Every. single. engagement. I use it for to-do lists. I store a lot of top secret info inside (notes I take at the doctor, passwords, measurements). It helps keep me sane and organized, and I don’t think there will ever be a time when I can fully make the switch to a paperless calendar.

The past few weeks have stressed me out majorly. Don’t worry, not for normal reasons, but because I did not yet have a 2015 planner. All of the sudden, parties were being planned, the dates for restaurant week were announced, and the blogging events came rolling in, and I did not have any way to organize what I could attend. But finally, my pretty planner is in my hands (hint: it’s one of the ones I’m about to mention below!), and I have already started filling it in. I also bought some colored pens, so I can attempt to be super organized and color code the whole book. I’m guessing I’ll have the white out out in approx. 3-4 days.

Best 2015 Planners

All images via product pages (listed clockwise) below.

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{#HBDHerPhilly} Win a Chef’s Tasting Menu for Two!

We are so lucky to live in such a great city filled with fabulous restaurants, talented chefs, and amazing food. But when it seems like you’ll never run out of places to eat, how can you prioritize where to stop first? Well (if the menu doesn’t get you first) when a restaurant starts to win awards (and lots of them), you might be on the right track.

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{#HBDHerPhilly} Win 5 Spin Classes!

There was once a time in my life (or many, many times) when I despised working out. Doing things I was not good at (ie: running) or that became boring (basically running again) made exercising way less than enjoyable to me. After many weeks of not feeling as fabulous/healthy as I thought I could, I needed to find something new . . . something that was fun, held me accountable, and was actually attainable with my busy schedule.

Win 5 Philadelphia Flywheel Classes from Her Philly

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{#HBDHerPhilly} Win a Visit to the Salon!

I started getting highlights in my hair when I was in middle school. I kept getting highlights until I was so blonde by the end of college, that it was out of control. After graduating, I decided to try and get these locks back to my natural color, only to eventually become bored again. My quest to spice up my hair led me to going ginger (but more maroon/burgundy/auburn . . . I just like saying ginger), and one place has been my go-to Philly salon of choice in order to correctly apply this strategic color choice. And now, you get to try them too.

Win an Andre Richard Salon Gift Card from Her Philly

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{#HBDHerPhilly} Win An Eagles Prize Pack!

Happy Tuesday, ladies! Let’s cut to the chase: you know I love the Eagles. Even though our Birds gave a bit of a disappointing performance against the Seahawks last weekend, we’re still 9-4 (and things are gonna be OK). If you believe, like I do, that one of the best ways to show support for our team is in green and white gear (with clever slogans, of course), today’s giveaway is for you.

Win a Philly Phaithful & Broad Street Broad Eagles Prize Pack from Her Philly

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{#HBDHerPhilly} Win 2 Tickets to Flavors of the Avenue!

IT’S. GIVEAWAY. TIME. You guys don’t even know – I love running these giveaways for you so much, I have been looking forward to this post for months. In case you’re new (welcome!), I’ve started a little tradition here on the blog: a week of giveaways featuring some of my favorite Philly things in honor of this little blog’s birthday. So, giveaway week is back, and you are going to loooove these prizes.

All giveaways will be run for one week each on a Rafflecopter widget. If you have any questions about how to enter, please get in touch. A quick note about entries: You can enter as many giveaways and with as many ways as you’d like. If you took my reader survey last week, you’ll still need to enter using the widget below (since I don’t know if you would love the prize on Day 4 and hate the prize on Day 2 – I want to make sure you get entered for the prize you’re interested in!). I’ll be revealing a new prize every day, now through Friday . . . so, on to the first one!

Win 2 Tickets to Flavors of the Avenue from Her Philly

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Holiday Entertaining Tips

As my friends and I get older, the temptation to throw our own parties surrounded by the people we love, rather than celebrate out at a bar, gets greater and greater. Our most recent get-together was a pretty successful Friends-giving, but we’re obviously still learning all the tips and tricks that go into planning and executing the perfect fiesta. In my mind, there are certainly many more parties that need to happen before I can achieve the status of hostess extraordinaire, so I like to take all the advice I can get.

The party people over at Fine Wine and Good Spirits always put together some annual infographics, filled with great holiday entertaining tips, so I knew I had to share for my other socialite sisters (in the making). They also have a ton of other party planning resources on the site (like the ever popular Quantity Calculator), and – in case you were not aware – your party supplies can now be delivered to your house from good ol’ Instacart.Continue Reading…

Charms of Fairmount Holiday Tours

Last year, in the midst of a festive holiday season, I was lucky enough to win two passes to the Charms of Fairmount Holiday Tour from HughE’s blog. My friend Tara & I had such a fun day exploring these beautiful Philly homes, but I didn’t get a chance to report on my experience before the season was over. Well – GREAT NEWS: the tours are back! Starting today (12/3) and running through 12/30, Woodford, Cedar Grove, Laurel Hill Mansion, Lemon Hill, Mount Pleasant, and Strawberry Mansion will “once again be decorated in their holiday finest for the beloved annual Holiday Tours” (I couldn’t have said it better myself).

To give you a little background, these homes, located in Fairmount Park and currently owned by the city, were once the summer villas of rich families living in Philadelphia during the 18th & 19th centuries. It took them two to three hours to get out to these babies, so they had to be fabulous. Many important people rolled through these homes during their prime (we’re talking Ben Franklin and John Adams important), and they’re a really great snapshot into what our city used to be.

Mount Pleasant Philadelphia // Her Philly

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Happy 2nd Birthday Her Philly!

So here we are . . . two years since I hit “publish” on my first post, back in 2012. Writing this blog started from a little idea to get out and explore my city, and it turned into so much more. I am so. thankful. for all of the experiences I’ve had and friends I’ve made over the past two years, so obviously, we’re celebrating!!!

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Philly Girl Gift Guide 2014

Gifting for girls in Philadelphia is so fun. For the woman who loves exploring her city, it’s hard to go wrong with a constant overflow of delightful places to go and things to do. But, in case you do need a little inspiration, I’ve got you covered. This year’s gift guide is filled with cute and quirky items for your BFF, sister, co-worker, or me. :) Let’s take a peek . . .

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