5 Things to do in Philadelphia this fall // Her Philly

5 Things to Do in Philadelphia This Fall

24th September 2014

I seriously can not believe it is the end of freaking September. I just can’t. While I have had something to do outside of work every. single. day this month (resulting in approximately 14 loads of laundry I need to do, amongst other things), I do think the weeks ramping to fall are so fun. I love this season. My favorite perks include: the fact that it is now socially acceptable to wear tights, the many excuses to go shopping, and lots and lots of festivals. Because there are so many fun ones coming up (festivals, not tights), I’ve picked five of my favorites to share with you.

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Mt. Airy Street Fare 2014 // Her Philly

{Sip, Savor, Stroll} Mt. Airy Grub + Street Fare Preview

15th September 2014

Exploring Philly neighborhoods is really the best. Since Mt. Airy is such a unique area of our city, I love getting a chance to pop up there, while, of course, eating all of the delicious food they offer. Some bloggers, foodie folks, and I took a little media tour last week in preparation for the neighborhood’s upcoming event, and I’m pleased to report that Center City certainly does not hold all of the great food our city has to offer.
Where to eat in Mt. Airy // Her Philly
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Learning to make beer cheese sauce with Goose Island // Her Philly

Goose Island Migration Week

9th September 2014

My journey to the craft beer side of the world has been a long, and at times, hoppy one (I’m sorry). After one too many hangovers from my sugary hard cider obsession, I started giving some new brews a whirl. And, for the most part, so far, so good! I was really excited when Goose Island Beer Co. invited me to their Migration Week event in Philly. On top of being able to try beers from a great brewery, it’s always a fun event when I get to hang with the Fashion of Philly duo and the hysterical Bacon & Legs.

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Fun in Philadelphia as an Adult // Her Philly

{Having a Moment} Finding Happiness As An Adult

2nd September 2014

Growing up, in what I would now consider a small-ish town, I had a really lucky life. Some good years (I peaked in 6th grade), and some bad ones (10th grade comes to mind), but I was still a very outgoing and friendly human being, so I survived. College brought some more happiness (sophomore year) and some ups & downs (senior year), and then graduation, and there I was. And there was this city.

Fun in Philadelphia as an Adult // Her Philly

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How to Conquer Philadelphia Restaurant Week // Her Philly

How To Conquer Philadelphia Restaurant Week

29th August 2014

I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about Philadelphia Restaurant Week, but I am not one of them. I thoroughly enjoy any excuse to get out to some of my favorite places in Philly. Restaurant Week dinners become traditions amongst friends, simple date ideas, and an easy way to further explore our city. Several years and many $35 dinners later, I have figured out a few ways to get the most out of one of my favorite times of year.

How to Conquer Philadelphia Restaurant Week // Her Philly
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Squid & Corn Salad at High Street on Market // Her Philly

Chef’s Tasting Menu at High Street on Market

19th August 2014

Checking off a restaurant that’s been “on your list” for awhile is a great thing, but what makes it even better is when that restaurant is everything you could have hoped for (and, hopefully, more). Last week, my friend Kelly and I ubered on down to Old City for dinner at High Street on Market (308 Market Street). I’ve been crushing on High Street since I had dinner at a.kitchen (135 South 18th Street) and was really impressed at Eli Kulp‘s ability to get me to eat things I wasn’t entirely sure I would like, or even fully know exactly what I was eating, to be honest (I am a disgrace . . . this is why I am not a food blogger).

Review of High Street Market Chef's Tasting Menu // Her Philly

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5 Tips for Diner En Blanc // Her Philly

5 Tips For A Fantastic Dîner en Blanc

5th August 2014

So Diner en Blanc is less than three weeks away, and while I might not have it all together (like if any of the four outfits that are currently being expressed shipped to my doorstep will work), I do know a thing or two about how to enjoy it. Last year was my first year at DEB, so I was really just making some educated guesses about how to make the night as successful as possible. But this year, I’m taking what I learned and making a few changes in my process – and, sharing with you, of course. The majority of these tips were written by me a few days after DEB 2013 and have been sitting in my blog drafts ever since, so you know they’re the real deal.

5 Tips for Diner En Blanc // Her Philly

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The Not Wedding Philadelphia held at Power Plant Productions // Her Philly

Philly Girl Summer Life {2014}

23rd July 2014

I have really been loving this summer. The sunshine makes me so happy. I don’t think I have done this season’s update post (see last summer), where I just get to talk about all of the fun and random things going on in my life . . . so here we are.

The Single Life
We all know I’m single (because it seems like I announce it every chance I get), but I don’t let that stop me from attending the things I want in the city. Last week, I posted a guest blog for Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia all about attending Diner en Blanc as a single woman. Check it.

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Garden of Flavor Juice Cleanse Review // Her Philly

My First Juice Cleanse

15th July 2014

If you personally know me, or have ever seen me out around the city, you know I am not . . . how can I say this . . . a “health nut.” I like pizza, and pulled pork, and really just carbs in general. I enjoy white wine, and beer, and double vodka tonics. Yes, I work out and do enjoy it, but to me, life is more exciting like this. For the most part.

After a weekend in Avalon last month, filled with a few too many brews, bagels etc., I needed to calm my life down a bit. I had always heard of “cleanses,” and asked a few of my nutrition pals for their thoughts (which were mixed). I did some more research on my own and decided to give one a go. The team at Garden of Flavor (which you can buy in this area – keep reading!) had kindly sent me a three day cold pressed juice cleanse to try out. Seeing as this was my first time cleansing, and I had pretty low expectations for myself, I decided to give it a try for two full days.

I kept a little “diary,” if you will, about my three days (two days of drinking juice + one easing my way back to real food) and thought that would be the best way for me to share my experience with you.

Garden of Flavor Juice Cleanse Review // Her Philly

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What To Do In Philadelphia In The Summer // Her Philly

Summer in the City

8th July 2014

This summer in Philly has really been so exciting to me. I just spent my 4th of July weekend here, frolicking around the city with my sister, her puppy and some friends and had the best time . . . dining outside, laying around in the park, enjoying our city’s walkability factor, shopping for fresh flowers, making the best froyo combination that hit the spot, and just taking in all Philly has to offer.

What To Do In Philadelphia In The Summer // Her Philly
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