{Philadelphia Restaurant Week} Zahav

Living in this city, answering the “what’s your favorite restaurant?” question is a tough one. I mean, obviously we are extremely lucky that Philly is regarded as such a fabulous city for dining . . . but the judgement one could get for the wrong restaurant choice is pretty substantial.

Lucky for me, I have Zahav (237 Saint James Place). {Disclaimer: If you’re about to click through that link, please beware, the site has some groovy autoplay music that has startled me approximately 45 times this month alone.} I have loved Zahav since the first time I tried it, and it truly has yet to disappoint me since. I always go in craving my favorites, but come out in love with something I never thought I’d try.
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A Week in the Life

Blogging season is here! Covering new, cool things in Philadelphia (or even the oldies that I may just have not discovered yet) requires going to a lot of events (which I am so grateful for). Seriously, forcing myself to go out after work was one of the reasons I started this blog, and I can honestly say getting out there has helped me in so many aspects of my life. But, the one thing about events in this city (that I’ve found, anyway) is, when they’re happening, they’re all happening. After a very boring January, this last week was my first week back out with my normal schedule – and I had so much fun. Come along on a week in my life . . .

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Brews, Dogs & Hockey With Your Pops

I’m very close with my fam, so I frequently share things you can do with your parents in the city. We went on a tour of Eastern State Penitentiary, and more recently, I wrote about how to spend a weekend with your parents in Philly. I also have done plenty of mother/daughter city dates, like Mother’s Day Tea and some Restaurant Week dinners, but mainly just shopping at Anthropologie and finding places that serve orange vodka (this is an inside joke for my family – hi guys!).

And that leaves my pops, at home and very sad, because my dad loves Philly. So when the Flyers asked me if I wanted to attend a game, I knew my dad would be the perfect guest. In my experience, dads love beer, meat, and hanging with their daughters. And while the Flyers certainly like to keep us on our toes with their record, attending a game is always fun. To wrap up the year, the Flyers have some pretty cool ticket promotions going on, and they would be a perfect occasion to bring your pops to the city for a father/daughter date.

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The New Pizza Shop On The Block

You know why I love you guys? Well, there are several things, but a big one is: you love pizza, just as much as me. Anyone I can talk pizza with easily earns some points in my book. So earlier this week, I was not surprised to see the love come out after posting the little pizza shot below on Instagram. But, I was intrigued that no one could identify the origin. I had pizza power for about four days, but now it’s time to share with you.

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Philadelphia Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I don’t mind Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a nice opportunity and/or reminder to do something special for the ones you love. There are tons of gift guides for sweet, Pinterest-inspired gifts you can get for your BF (I mean, who wouldn’t want to get this?), so I’ve decided to tackle some gift ideas for the under-appreciated on the big V-Day: your BFF, your puppy, and, the most important one, yourself.Philadelphia Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
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Find Your Blizzard Bae {On Craigslist…}

Craigslist is a strange place, folks, and not just because the owner of the perfect vintage bar cart you’ve been stalking won’t answer your 3rd email. In case you didn’t know, there should be some snow on the ground right now (but as I’m writing this at 11pm on Monday night, it’s not looking very promising). And during that snow, you may be stuck in your apartment, depending on the kindness of Instacart and Grubhub to get you through the day. But some people are taking a proactive approach to their snowed in status, and reaching out for a companion from the only reliable source they know: Craigslist.

After seeing this Business Insider article titled “New Yorkers Are Flocking To Craigslist To Find ‘Blizzard Boyfriends’ And Girlfriends,” I decided to take a peek at what Philadelphians were looking for last evening. And here’s what we got:

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{Philadelphia Restaurant Week} Barbuzzo

Today I’m coming to you with a little mid-Restaurant Week post to tell you about the glory that is Barbuzzo (110 South 13th Street). In all of my Philadelphia dining experiences, I had only been to Barbuzzo once for lunch. I knew this year I was making my reservations early, and I was so happy this little place did not let me down.

Joined by my friends Eric and Frannie, we stopped by for dinner on Thursday. I’ve heard that Barbuzzo can feel crowded, but we were seated towards the front and were just fine. The cocktails and wine list looked great, but after glancing at the menu, I knew it was going to be a brew night for me. We were greeted with complimentary grilled bread (a common theme of my meal) and sheep’s milk ricotta drizzled with EVOO. I don’t fight these things.
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Philly Girl Winter Life

Happy Tuesday! I truly have not been properly dealing with the cold this month, so the below updates will sure be a whole lot of digital, and for that, I am sorry. ;) In case you haven’t seen it yet – something pretty darn cool happened to me this month: I was featured on CBSPhilly! I think Kristina did a great job summing up the blog and I am so grateful to be featured. So with that . . . on to the rest of the updates on this Philly girl’s winter life!

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Small City Living Spaces {Pinspiration 5.0}

I’ve lived in my current apartment for almost three years, and it’s time to purge. I have been feeling super claustrophobic lately – I just have too many things for my space. It’s not that I’m a hoarder, I just . . . like to decorate. So, to help me get a reality check and share this winter cleaning bug, I decided to bring back an old series I know many of you loved – small city living spaces pinspiration!

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Philly Parking Problems (That Really Grind My Gears)

Do you know what’s the worst? It’s the worst when you drive past the parking spot approximately five blocks from your apartment and decide, OK, I am not going to be selfish tonight (even though it’s 20 degrees out) I will take you, spot. Because it’s winter in Philadelphia, and the pickens SURE ARE SLIM. But then, on your walk home with freezing ankles because your sweater only looked good with booties and your jeans rolled up today (even though it’s 20 degrees out), you spot not one, not two, but three parking spots closer and better and warmer. And you slam your fist down in anger and curse under your breath as you hurry home.

As long as I’ve lived in Philadelphia, I’ve worked not in Philadelphia, and situations like the above are some of my daily struggles. Whenever I tell people where I live, truly, one of their first responses is – oh, parking must be tough there. Well folks, it sure is. When my commute was ~an hour, some evenings, upon returning to this little city, I would look for over an hour for a parking spot. This includes metered parking and permit parking, and some nights, I cried. Yep. I said it. Tears.

You know I like to keep this blog positive, but I’ve just about had it, and I need to let this out. Stay with me, now, and learn a little bit about the world of a reverse commuter.
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