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{How To} Starting A Movie Club

23rd April 2014

For me, moving to Philadelphia decreased the amount of movies I saw in the theater, probably, 95%. There just is something about the accessibility to pretty much everything that I could ever want (specifically: beer, mussels, wine, ice cream) that pushes my suburban movie night tendencies to the back of my mind.

This little lack of cinema knowledge caused a problem for me a few short months ago. Sure, I like award season just as much as the average woman who can appreciate J. Law & Amy Adams in some fabulous new frock . . . but I was missing the movies. This past year, the only Oscar nominated film I saw (and loved) was Dallas Buyer’s Club, forcing all of my choices for who should win each award to fall on said movie. With an idea from my friend Jean and a true yearning to expand my horizons, I started my own Philly Movie Club. And here is how you can do it too.

Step 1: Create a group & invite all of your Philly friends, not just one friend circle. I used Facebook because it is simple and gives me the ability to speak to a lot of people at once, but you could also create an email group if that is easiest way to get the word out to your crew.

Step 2: Explain to your friends what the club is. In your intro to the group, let your buds know that attending events is totally optional, but that you will still be there no matter what. Here is how I communicated this:

Hi Philly friends! So I have shared this with most of you, but I want to start seeing more movies…mainly so I have some idea of what’s happening at these award show things.

Basically my plan is to just post a new movie, date & time once a month. If you can make it, great. If not, no biggie. If any week nights don’t work for certain people, lemmie know so I can pick different evenings.

Feel free to invite any Philly friends to join in on the fun! Oh, and if you hate movies and fun and friends and want to remove yourself from this group, I won’t be offended ;)

I’m planning for our first movie to be the week of Feb 17th, so GET EXCITED!

Step 3: Plan your first event. I have found Landmark Theatres (the Ritzs) are the most easily accessible for my group, and they post movie times about one week in advance. This can be tough since people’s schedules fill up quickly, but give it a go anyway.

Step 4: Let your members know about your first flick. I create an event on Facebook, and made sure I include the movie title, theater address, time the movie start & ends, where to buy tickets, and the official trailer and website.

Step 5: Send a reminder on the event the day before or day of, head down to the theatre, and enjoy!

My “club” is now in its third month has been a lot of fun to maintain. It has allowed me to see movies I wouldn’t have otherwise seen, plus enjoy some light banter with my fellow Philly movie enthusiasts on the bus rides home. Check out the movie theaters near you for special discounts – Landmark has $7 ticket Wednesdays + a discounted 5 movie pass that I have taken advantage of. Good luck!


Tea at the Mary Cassatt Tea Room in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Mother’s Day Idea {Tea Time}

21st April 2014

Mother’s Day has always been a tough holiday for me to shop for. While my mom is wonderful and appreciative of everything my sister and I get her, I don’t really care for those cheesy knick knacks from the card store, and I can only buy so many pairs of pretty earrings before it becomes standard.

The Rittenhouse Hotel (210 West Rittenhouse Square) reached out to me and asked if I would like to come in and experience the Mary Cassatt Tea Room. Not even knowing such a place existed in my neighborhood, I immediately said yes and knew the perfect person I should bring along: my mother.
The Rittenhouse Hotel // Her PhillyThe Mary Cassatt Team Room at the Rittenhouse Hotel // Her Philly
Located just inside the hotel, the Mary Cassatt Tea Room has indoor and outdoor seating. The space is gorgeous and elegant – a perfect step “out” of city life and in to a fancy adventure. We went to tea on a Sunday (you know, that Sunday everyone was outside because it was beautiful out? Perfection.) at 2pm. We asked to be seated in the garden, which was absolutely beautiful: fresh flowers, a fountain, and a warm breeze. Afternoon Tea in Philadelphia // Her PhillyOur afternoon started with our lovely waitress, Janelle, telling us about all of our tea options. There were so many choices, all presented in baby glass containers for us to smell, and obviously, admire. The best tea time in Philadelphia // Her PhillyTea choices at The Rittenhouse Hotel Mary Cassatt Tea Room // Her PhillySelecting tea at the Mary Cassatt Tea Room // Her PhillyPhiladelphia Mother's Day Gift Idea // Her PhillyBest places to drink tea in Philadelphia // Her Philly
Each tea is available hot or iced, and your pot stays with you at your table during your meal. I ordered the signature Rittenhouse blend, which was very good, but I think I should have gone for something stronger. We also kicked off our meal with a class of sparkling wine, because, really, that’s how girls day should be celebrated, right?
Sparking wine in Rittenhouse Square // Her Philly Emily Tharp at The Rittenhouse Hotel // Her PhillyNext, it was time to try some of the tea room’s ‘savory’ treats. Our selection of tea sandwiches and canapés (had to Google that – it means ‘small, prepared and usually decorative food.’) included tuna tartare, avocado & prosciutto, chicken salad, smoked salmon, egg salad & marinated mushrooms. These bites were all so fresh – my favorite being the chicken salad. We also had some baked scones, which, along with their accompanying sauces, may or may not have been our favorite part of the meal.
Tea sandwiches and bites in Rittenhouse  // Her PhillyAfter laughing with my mom and discussing each savory treat at length, we moved on to the ‘sweets.’ These little gems included mille feuille, pavlova, rhubarb tart, strawberry shortcake, passion orange brioche roll, and cannelé de Bordeaux (our favorite!). The presentation, as you can see, was flawless.
Sweet mini desserts for tea time // Her Philly
Tea and cannelé de Bordeaux at the Mary Cassatt Tea Room // Her Philly
In addition to the sweets, the ‘Mignardises,’ a selection of hand-crafted mini confections, offered macarons I will not forget for quite some time. These treats were the perfect way to finish our meal.
The best macarons in Philadelphia // Her PhillyMy mom and I had such a great time at the tea room. The entire experience, from start to finish, was really special and unique. The team room offers their signature afternoon tea (shown in this post) for $49/person, or the options a la carte: savory ($24), scones ($7.50), desserts ($24) and Mignardises ($5).

If you’re looking for the perfect, unexpected Mother’s Day gift this year, I suggest making a reservation and taking your momma out for some tea. And since you’ll already be around the corner, maybe you can even stop in LOFT and Anthro for a little shopping afterwards, like we did. The. Perfect. Day.
Diane & Emily Tharp after tea at the Mary Cassatt Tea Room in the Rittenhouse Hotel // Her Philly
Since today happens to be my lovely mother’s birthday (!!!), thank you momma for making the trip to be with me for this beautiful day. You are the funniest, kindest, most special woman I know, and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Have a great week, ladies. xx

signoffDisclosure: My mom and I were treated to a complimentary experience at the Mary Cassatt Tea Room. All opinions are my own.

Clarins Glow Spring 2014 Line at Macy's // Her Philly

Make-Up Shopping in Center City {#ClarinsGlow}

18th April 2014

There is something really special to me about shopping at a make-up counter. Growing up going to Macy’s with my mom and sister (what seemed like at least once a month), I remember loving when we parked by the beauty department (instead of the men’s department, obviously). Walking through all of those beautiful colors, scents, and perfectly made-up women was enough to set the foundation of a very dangerous addiction in my life: a love of all things products.

Macy's Center City Flower Show // Her Philly

I still find myself popping in Macy’s (1300 Market Street) whenever I get the opportunity. Not only is the building one of my favorites in the city, but their beauty selection is a breath of fresh air away from the bustle of the city. Earlier this month, I was graciously invited by Clarins to attend their #ClarinsGlow event, held right at their Center City counter.

We were led through a presentation of each of the colorful & inventive products from the Clarins Spring 2014 collection by celebrity make-up artist Jean Fayard. The goal of the line is, very appropriately after the winter we’ve had, to bring radiance back in the skin.

Clarins celebrity make-up artist Jean Fayard.

Some of my favorite products were the Golden Glow Booster ($30) for adding subtle color to your face, the Multi-Blush Cream Blush ($30) which Jean described to us as the “perfect taxi cab make-up” due to all of its uses, and the Sun Care Oil Spray ($35) for protecting your body and hair from chlorine and salt water.

Clarins Glow Spring 2014 Line at Macy's // Her Philly

I was really impressed with the quality of the products and their beautiful packaging. Because my skin is a little volatile, I have been adding in each product to my routine slowly, and I haven’t had a chance to try everything yet. Some of my friends from the event (like B of Just B Beautiful and Ashley of The Bronzed Bee) have been raving about the Double Serum ($85), and I really think I am going to like the Radiance Boosting Complexion Base ($37) to even my skintone.

Clarins Double Serum // Her Philly

Even though I like to think I live large, I obviously can’t buy everything I want right now. So I keep a list on my phone of every beauty product I’m seriously interested in. Then, when a site or store is running a sale, or I have a coupon, or can get a sample, instead of buying something spur of the moment that I haven’t looked into, I consult my list. This method has resulted in me picking up some really great products I have already researched and love immediately after buying. If any of these items spark your curiosity but turn out to be a little out of your price range, do a little research, and add them to your list. You won’t be disappointed! xx


Disclosure: I was gifted several products from the Clarins line in my gift bag from the event. All opinions are my own. (I just really love make-up . . .)

Tuna tacos with spicy mayo from Ippolito's Seafood // Her Philly

Flavors Of The Avenue Is Back!

16th April 2014

One of my favorite things about Philly is the access to all of the amazing festivals and markets. It seems like every weekend, there is an opportunity to visit a new neighborhood and discover lots of wonderful things in one place.

Hands down, one of the best festivals I went to last year was Flavors of the Avenue. Held on the beautiful East Passyunk Ave, the event brings together some of the best restaurants in the city for all all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink day of fun.

I attended the media preview earlier this month for a taste test of this year’s event. In addition to getting to hang with my buds Jade and Al, our group got to sample some grub from seven of the spots serving at Flavors. We visited POPE, Ippolito’s Seafood, Fond, Noord, Chiarella’s, Izumi and Marra’s. All of the food was fresh and delicious, but I can’t comment on Fond’s chicken liver mousse, because I’m lame and unadventurous and can’t make myself eat that. I’ve also realized I basically love everything I’ve ever tried from Ippolito’s and need to start going more often. I picked out three of my standouts from the night . . . (mouth. is. now. watering.)

Tuna tacos with spicy mayo from Ippolito's Seafood // Her Philly

Tuna tacos with spicy mayo from Ippolito’s Seafood (1300 Dickinson Street)

Pizza from Marra's on East Passyunk Avenue // Her Philly

Pizza from Marra’s (1734 East Passyunk Avenue)

Pork Gyoza from Izumi on East Passyunk Avenue // Her Philly

Pork Gyoza from Izumi (1601 East Passyunk Avenue)

Okay so it’s settled, you’re going, right? This year’s event takes place on Saturday, April 26th from 1-4pm. Tickets are available for $30 and, as you can see, it’s well worth it. I will be there with my parents, so come on out and hang with my crew. Hope to see you there! xx


Philly Tech Week at Brick American Eatery 2014 // Her Philly

What I Learned At Philly Tech Week 2014

14th April 2014

Our city is so cool. Last week, I attended my first Philly Tech Week. While I was hoping to get to more events, I made it to two awesome panels: From Passion To Business and Blog, Brand, Biz, Buzz. Both offered great ideas about relevant topics for young women in business and social media, and I was so glad I attended. In case you weren’t able to be there, I’ve gathered the 10 best things I learned from the panelists – including some in tweet form. Enjoy!

Philly Tech Week at Brick American Eatery 2014 // Her Philly

10. {Outsource}

9. {Don’t give it away} Focus on your “instant gratification” social posts (specifically Instagram) sparingly when compared to blog content. Use these posts to tease your readers without “giving” the content away for “free.”

8. {Give yourself some credit} Research pricing structures of other businesses. If everyone is saying yes to your quotes right away, it’s time to raise your prices. Don’t be afraid to raise your fee based on your demand.

7. {Fill a void}

6. {Pay it forward} If you have to say no to an opportunity based on lack of time or resources, pass along the names of people you have connected with before who may be able to do the job. Now, everybody’s happy!

5. {Get your content noticed}

4. {Be consistent} Even if you have a full time job (like me!), try to keep your posting schedule the same every week, so your readers know when to come back to read new posts.

3. {Learn what works for your brand}

2. {Be kind} People tweeting you mean things? Always be kind and gracious – the fight is not worth it, and it will pay off in the long run.

1. {You can say no}

Some great tips, right? I really need to work on #4, but I think I’ve been getting better at #1 & #6. If you’re looking for more blogging & branding tips, check out my LuckyFABB posts for lots of great insight. Thanks to Philly Tech Week, the women at Femme & Fortune and Philly Blog Love for some awesome events! Next year I’ll be planning my #PTW15 schedule a little more, but my first year was a great look at some of the smart, talented & driven people we have in our lovely city.


First Date Tips // Her Philly

{Online Dating} First Date Tips

31st March 2014

My name is Emily, and I am riding the online dating train. For the past 10 months, I have been trying my luck online in hopes of meeting a great guy who likes to travel, appreciates Philadelphia sports teams, and makes me laugh. (It also wouldn’t hurt if he had a job & didn’t live with his mother.) On my first few dates, I was nervous, just like everyone else. But after over 30 first dates and meeting many, many different types of men, I’ve settled upon a few basic principles that make meeting a new guy a few times a month no big deal.

1. Suggest your own date location. For me, I only feel comfortable doing drinks on a first date, so I have a few select bars I use in rotation for my first date spots. Home court advantage means you’ll know how crowded the bar gets on certain nights, have a go-to drink to order or recommend, and feel comfortable overall.

2. Before you leave the house, give yourself 10 minutes to review your date’s photos and your online conversation. This helps your recognize your potential match quickly when meeting at a crowded spot, and gives you the confidence to reference things you’ve spoken about prior (and not ask men who are not nurses how their nursing job is going).

3. If you haven’t spoken on the phone yet, give your date a call on your way to meet him. Hearing his voice always makes me more comfortable as it takes away one layer of surprise. Plus, a quick chat on the phone gives you a chance to figure out exactly where he will be positioned at the meeting spot.

4. This one pains me to say, but, be prepared to pay. I am slightly spiteful about this point, but believe me, even the men you’re sure will pick up the tab can surprise you. Having cash on hand (and not just twenties, grab a few of those small bills) will make a potentially awkward situation a little bit less awkward.

5. Smile, breathe, and remember it’s just. a. date. Give yourself a few moments before you round the corner. Check your lip gloss, fix your hair, and take a deep breath. You are beautiful, fabulous, smart, and this date will go well. And if it doesn’t, cities are big, and the chance that you’ll ever see this man again is slim to none. ​


Philadelphia' Society Hill // Her Philly

Philly Girl Spring Life

28th March 2014

Happy Friday! While the below are certainly not “spring” themed things, it is technically, believe it or not, spring. Here are some wonderful things going on in my life right now.

Curvy Girl Style

We all know I love me some curves. Earlier this week, I featured some of my favorite winter to spring transitional looks for curvy women on Philly Blog Love. I chose some amazing bloggers that I admire from around the world. Let me know what you think of their style!

Blogger Love

You can also find me on the Ask Away Advice & Fashion Blog by my e-friend (someday we will meet in person!), Ellen. Ellen has been interviewing local Philly bloggers and I am really excited to be featured! Check out her blog to learn a few new things about me & see what my favorite two blog posts on Her Philly have been.

Cute Places

A few Philly places I’ve been loving recently: Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique (265 South 19th Street) for great curls from the lovely Erin, The Baker’s Jar (625 South 16th Street) for the yummiest cakes to ever be baked in a jar (more carrot cake, please), and honeygrow (110 South 16th Street) for delicious & fresh salads and smoothies.

This week, things do not slow down. I’ll be busy with a spray tan at The Bronzed Bee (406 South 20th Street), the media preview of Flavors of the Avenue (thank you, Jesus), and the Clarins VIP Event at Macy’s. And then – a family wedding (because there is really nothing better, am I right?). Life is hard, I know. ;) I hope you have a great week, ladies! xx

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#GoTPremierePHI Philadelphia Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere

#GoTPremierePHI {Game of Thrones Season 4 Philadelphia Premiere}

25th March 2014

We all know I love Game of Thrones, a lot. Last year, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Season 3 #WesterosVIP Premiere for sneak peek of the season’s first episode and some other GoT fun. This year, HBO had me back for Season 4′s premiere – an entire two and a half weeks before the official air date! I was loving life.

New Game of Thrones Targaryen beerOmmegang House Targaryen Fire and Blood beer #GoTPremierePHIMy sister & I (my loyal HBO party guest) started off with some grub & beer. Like any GoT obsessed fan, I was so excited to try Brewery Ommegang’s new Fire and Blood beer. This is the brewery’s third beer in collaboration with Game of Thrones, and while it wasn’t something I’d typically go for, I really enjoyed it. The bottles have three different labels, one for each of Daenerys’ dragons. The beer will be released March 31st in the Philadelphia area.Robb Stark's sword at the GOT Premiere Daenerys and Khal Drogo figurinesThe reception also held some fun pieces of memorabilia on display, like a replica of Robb Stark’s sword and the Pop! Figurines.  Philadelphia Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Game of Thrones House Shirt The coolest addition to this year’s event was the t-shirt station. Each guest got to select their own name to put on a ‘House’ shirt, which then got printed on the spot. I debated getting something other than my last name (House Her Philly?!), but in the end opted with the classic choice. I wore my shirt to bed three nights in a row. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Emily Tharp of Her Philly at the Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere in Philadelphia#GoTPremierePHI Philadelphia Game of Thrones Season 4 PremiereLindsay & I had great seats for the GIRLS premiere earlier this year at the same venue – the Prince Music Theatre (1412 Chestnut Street) – so we knew we had to get the same prime seating. The red carpet from the official premiere was being played above the entrance to the theatre, so we hung out, saw some of our favorites (Ser Davos Seaworth and Samwell Tarly anyone?) and bopped right in. Our seats were perfect, and then . . . it was time for the show (!!!).

The episode was truly spectacular. They did not check in with every main character, but most were covered. I will just say – I need this to be Sansa’s season. I obviously have a very special place in my heart for the Khaleesi, but I just love me some Sansa. I am so excited to see what the rest of the season holds, especially for characters like Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow & Arya Stark.

Thank you again to HBO for having me. If you’re a GoT obsessed fan like I am, what are you hoping for out of this season?

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{Giveaway} Let’s Eat Some Cake

21st March 2014

When I attend some type of formal social event that inevitably serves dessert, and taste the too dry/too sweet/too bland cake, I wonder: where the heck did this come from? I then feel the need to help out my fellow Philadelphians and show them the good stuff.

And good stuff we’ve got. Let Them Eat Cake, a Philly based cake design competition, will celebrate its 10th anniversary on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 6:00pm at the DoubleTree Hilton (237 Broad Street). The super sweet event (get it?) will offer guests (like us) the chance to sample over 40 delicious cakes from the area’s top bakers.

Let Them Eat Cake Philadelphia 2014Our official judges for the night (but you’re totally allowed to judge by your own scoring scale, obviously) include Natayna DiBona, co-host and co-founder Diner en Blanc Philadelphia, Dana Herbert, winner of Next Great Baker & UD alum, Kathy Gold, owner of In the Kitchen Cooking School and president of Les Dames D’Escoffier PHL, George Kyrtatas, the Sweet Water Grill and Cut Throat Kitchen + more.

Let Them Eat Cake Philadelphia

Image courtesy of Laura Eaton

Tickets will run you $40 in advance. Get there early – the first 100 hungry peeps in the door will receive a goody bag worth $100+. All proceeds from ticket sales benefit City of Hope to help fight cancer, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses. And if this event sounds like quite the treat to you, I’ve got an opportunity to win two tickets, courtesy of Aversa PR. The giveaway ends Monday night, so get those entries in now & good luck! xx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Snakeskin JustFab Nori Sandals

{Currently Crushing} Spring & Summer Sandals

18th March 2014

Growing up, I was never a big shoe person. I would rather take a pretty dress over a pair of heels any day. Shoes were just never my favorite – My feet get hot. I’m not good with heels. Flats rubbed on the backs of my ankles. My complaints were never ending.

My lacking shoe game never really effected my life until recently. Working in a casual corporate office, you see all types of footwear. But when I wanted to really impress for a big meeting, rotating through my two pairs of Aerosoles sandals (one nude, one black) was just not cutting it.

This year, I’ve been hit with the spring & summer shoe and sandal “bug.” I’m ready to take Philadelphia by storm and actually be able to pair my cute summer clothing investments with shoes that are not flip flops or Sperrys. In the past few weeks, I’ve picked up quite a few pairs online (Mom & Dad, stop reading now please) and I can’t wait to wear them somewhere outside my apartment.

Jack Rogers Navajo Sandal in GoldGold  Jack Rogers Navajo I have been lusting after these babies for years, and they are finally mine! I’m kind of in love.

Clarks Shira Danika High Heel Sandal in Black

Black Clarks Shira Danika Who knew Clarks made such pretty yet comfy sandals? Now you do.

JustFab Nori Sandal in Snake

Snakeskin JustFab Nori SandalsI am a biiiig JustFab fan. The verdict is still out if these will rub my ankles, but so far, so good.

Matisse Hayes Sandal in Silver & Tan

Silver Matisse Hayes

I am currently wearing these as I type (in my apartment). They are seriously gorgeous in person.

Payless Women’s Canvas Sneaker in Navy & Light PinkFloral Payless SneakersI got these to balance out the sandal additions, and because I’ve been wanting Keds forever, but these were $16.99.

her philly