21 Philadelphia Date Ideas

Hooooray hooray hooray – it’s finally Friday! In case you don’t follow me on, well, pretty much any social media channel, I wanted to share something pretty cool that happened to me early last week.

I’m a big fan of the Philly Thrillist site and always look forward to their emails. They send out a lot of their articles in list format (obviously one of my preferred methods for writing on this blog, as well!) and I usually pin something a few times a week from their site. I was thrilled (get it? I’m here all day.) when they asked me to cover a dating story, and after some brainstorming sessions and a lot of research, it was born: 21 Actually Great Date Ideas in Philadelphia.

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A Night At The Ballet {& A Giveaway!}

The last time I took a dance class, I was practically a baby. After one year of classes and a recital (where I apparently “kindly moved” a fellow classmate who not in her right spot . . . my poor parents), I recall telling my mom I got a splinter in my foot from the dance class floor, never to return again. I am supremely envious of girls who are good at dancing (because flexibility and gracefulness are just not me), and being so in touch with your body is something we all should be jealous of.

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Where to Get the Best Pedicure in Philadelphia

It’s. Sandal. Weather! There, I said it, and now it can be official. Sandals are back, and after this horrific winter of cold we just endured, life is good again. If you’re anything like me, the coming of sandals also equals the coming of pedicures, aka some of the most joyous hours one can spend in a massage chair (while reading a magazine, and getting your feet massaged).

Best Pedicure Philadelphia

I like the pedicure places I’ve been to in the city, but none have really wowed me just yet. I’m normally in and out, trying to fit a pedi in before a beach weekend or mid-errand running. So, in my search to find the best pedicure in Philadelphia, I enlisted four of my friends/local Philly bloggers and influencers (if you will) to give you their top picks!Continue Reading…

{Neighborhood Gem} Little Spoon Cafe

Just so we’re all on the same page before we start: brunch is great. Waking up late on the weekends is a joyous thing, and we’re lucky that our city has so many great places to feed us as soon as our eyes open. I, like many other Philadelphians, are on a constant search for Philly’s newest gems in the brunch department. So, despite not wanting to give away my latest discovery, I must share adorableness that is: Little Spoon Cafe (1500 South Street).

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Get The Scoop On This Year’s Flavors of the Avenue

With so many events happening in this city every year, when one continues to come back around and can still impress, you know it’s a winner. I’ve attended East Passyunk’s standout spring food festival, Flavors of the Avenue, the past two years and loved every minute (and bite). Like last year, I was able to get a sample (or several) of the action before this year’s event, and I’m excited to share with you what you can look forward to later this month.

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#HBONight is Coming . . .

OH. MAN. YOU. GUYS. Do I have something so exciting to share with you? YESSSSS. Sure do.

If you have been reading for a bit, you know I’m a little bit obsessed with Game of Thrones. It’s not that I love really any other show that falls into the “fantasy” genre, it’s just pretty much the most addictive TV show ever (besides Shark Tank, obviously). Back in 2013, when I was just a baby blogger, the fantastic team at HBO invited me to the Season 3 Premiere Event in Philadelphia. And just what is a “Philadelphia premiere,” you may ask?

Well (in what you would obviously expect from a company like HBO), in addition to their official show premiere events, HBO holds fantastic regional premiere parties across the country in preparation for some of their seasons. The events come complete with photo booths, props, great drinks, an EARLY LOOK (yep) at the first episode of the season. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited back for the GoT Season 4 Event, as well as the GIRLS Season 3 Party, and all were seriously a blast. It’s pretty much a dream for a hardcore HBO fan, as I know many of you are. So yeah, now’s the exciting part.

Philadelphia HBO Night

All logos via HBO

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How to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Like I said in my Philly Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, I’ve never really gotten worked up over the big V-Day. What I do get worked up about is taking the time to appreciate yourself – your body, your mind, your friends, and your blessings. So this past Valentine’s Day (excuse the 30+ days it took me to get this post up), I celebrated by treating myself. The result was pretty much a Philly dream day for me, and I hope by sharing, I can encourage all of you to take the time to treat yourselves, too.

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5 Things I’m Excited For This Spring In Philadelphia

I’ve always been a super planned out person. Planners are very important to me, and I do really well when I know what my week looks like before it even begins. Sure, sometimes this inclination does make me feel slightly like a crazy person, but hey, I work with what I got.

In honor of the email I just sent to several of my closest Philly friends filled with “upcoming dates of fun,” I wanted to share some things I’m excited for in the coming months.

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Single in the City

This past November, I was a dependent woman. And not on any guy, but on none other than Tinder. Through many dates and many men, I’ve come to the conclusion that dating apps can be extremely limiting (especially when all of your friends are using them, too). In my experience (and you know I loved online dating at one point), after a while, apps can hold you back. My friends and I would go out in the city and not entertain any conversations with men, because, for all we knew, they were creeps. And why talk to creeps, when we could (hopefully) vet the endless supply of men waiting right on our cell phones (before we even had to deal with looking them in the eye)?

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{Philadelphia Restaurant Week} Zahav

Living in this city, answering the “what’s your favorite restaurant?” question is a tough one. I mean, obviously we are extremely lucky that Philly is regarded as such a fabulous city for dining . . . but the judgement one could get for the wrong restaurant choice is pretty substantial.

Lucky for me, I have Zahav (237 Saint James Place). {Disclaimer: If you’re about to click through that link, please beware, the site has some groovy autoplay music that has startled me approximately 45 times this month alone.} I have loved Zahav since the first time I tried it, and it truly has yet to disappoint me since. I always go in craving my favorites, but come out in love with something I never thought I’d try.
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