I’m Going To Lucky FABB!

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Hi ladies! Thanks so much for bearing with me as my blog took a little bit of a backseat to my travels. I have some great posts planned for the remainder of 2013, but first, some exciting news: I am going to Lucky FABB! Tomorrow!

Lucky Fabb

Lucky FABB is Lucky Magazine‘s fashion & beauty blogger conference held every year in NYC. After applying this summer on a whim (because seriously, in my head, I’m still a newbie! How in the world would I be accepted to such an awesome event?), I got the email that my application had been accepted! I can’t believe tomorrow I’ll be hanging with Lucky EIC Eva Chen, actresses Eva Mendes & Kate Bosworth, and 300 other fantastic bloggers from across the country!

I was lucky enough to get some fabulous hook ups from some of my favorite brands to make my travels to NYC a piece of cake.

South Moon UnderGoing to a fashion & beauty conference is a little intimidating when that’s not the main focus of my blog. So I enlisted some outfit help from my friends at the ever-fashionable South Moon Under (1731 Chestnut Street). I picked out a look for Day 2 of the conference, so stay tuned! (It’s freakin cute.) AmtrakWhile NYC is literally so close to our little city, traveling there intimidates me majorly. Will my ride be clean/safe/fast/affordable/relaxing are just some concerns that run through my mind. That’s why I was super stoked when Amtrak offered me complimentary round trip tickets to & from NYC. I love that I can sit back, not have to drive (my worst nightmare), and write this blog with free wi-fi and be in NYC in an hour and 20 minutes. Pretty awesome.

uberlogo_large_verge_medium_landscapeIf you follow me on Twitter, you likely already know how much I love Uber. My friends & I use it a ton when going out in Philly for its convenience and how awesome and friendly the drivers are. What I also love about Uber is the fact that it’s available in tons of other cities. I have used it in Chicago & NYC, and get the same great service I’m used to at home. I’m so excited Uber hooked me up for a $100 credit to get me to & from the conference this week! I’ll be riding in style :)

If you’ve learned anything from this post (other than how fab these three brands are), I hope it’s the fact that you must give yourself more credit. Credit for being awesome, and being dedicated, and smart, and an all-around great person. I never thought in my wildest dreams this experience would come my way, and yet, here it is. All because I didn’t sit back, scared of what the outcome may be. I dreamed it, I did it. And you can too. xx

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  • http://www.ohheywhatsup.com/ Corrin Foster

    How exciting! I had no idea you had to apply. Have fun!

    • admin

      Thanks Corrin! :)

  • http://heartprintandstyle.com/ Vivi N

    Um…you gotta share your secrets on how you managed to get these lovely brands to sponsor you! I mean, complimentary tickets from Amtrak? $100(!!!) credit from Uber? Amazing. Speaking of Uber, used it for the first time in NYC. I was very much impressed. Hilar that I haven’t even used it in my city (DC) yet. But I will soon.

    Anywho, great meeting you at LuckyFABB!

    • http://herphilly.com/ Her Philly

      So great to meet you too, Vivi! Uber is awesome! xx

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  • Jim pavlock

    You shoudl have mentioned that if it’s not complimentary, it’s over $100 to take the Amtrak round-trip to NYC from Philly. Everyone in Philly (and probably NYC) knows that it’s MUCH MUCH cheaper to take the MegaBus or BoltBus round-trip from Center City Philly to NYC for the day. Like at most $20 round-trip. Or, if you really want to go by train, SEPTA and NJ Transit (with a change in Trenton) is around $20-25 my recollection.

    Amtrak now is touting your promotion of their wonderful (I’m not serious) train service in their own blogs. I would never take Amtrak for the day to Philly, unless I wanted to throw away money.

    • http://herphilly.com/ Her Philly

      Hi Jim, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. Sure, you are likely correct that everyone knows it is cheaper to take a bus from Philly to NYC, and of course, there is nothing wrong with that. If I were writing a blog about ways to travel to & from NYC, I would certainly include various options and price points.

      I was extremely appreciative of the service Amtrak provided. I have taken the bus to NYC a few years ago and did not enjoy my experience. To me, for a few day trip, if you can spend it, not having to wait outside and hope you get a spot on the bus, coupled with the comfort of Amtrak, is worthwhile expense. I do see the value in a bus if you do not want to drive (as I normally do and included in both posts), but for me, Amtrak was worth it!

      • Jim pavlock

        Thanks for your reply. I think my frustration with Amtrak is that I’ve experienced great trains in Europe and Japan and, for the cost, the service and speed here in the USA is woefully and comparatively inadequate. And will continue to be in my lifetime.

        It’s not all Amtrak’s fault. It’s the fault of Congress for failing to have the vision to adequately fund train service in populated areas of the USA and to eliminate the needless tracks and stations in the middle of the country where train service is illogical and prohibitively costly.

        This is another conversation. But the bottom line for me is that I won’t pay over $100 to get to NYC and back when there are cheaper alternatives.