I’m Going To Lucky FABB!

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Hi ladies! Thanks so much for bearing with me as my blog took a little bit of a backseat to my travels. I have some great posts planned for the remainder of 2013, but first, some exciting news: I am going to Lucky FABB! Tomorrow!

logoLucky FABB is Lucky Magazine‘s fashion & beauty blogger conference held every year in NYC. After applying this summer on a whim (because seriously, in my head, I’m still a newbie! How in the world would I be accepted to such an awesome event?), I got the email that my application had been accepted! I can’t believe tomorrow I’ll be hanging with Lucky EIC Eva Chen, actresses Eva Mendes & Kate Bosworth, and 300 other fantastic bloggers from across the country!

I was lucky enough to get some fabulous hook ups from some of my favorite brands to make my travels to NYC a piece of cake.

South Moon UnderGoing to a fashion & beauty conference is a little intimidating when that’s not the main focus of my blog. So I enlisted some outfit help from my friends at the ever-fashionable South Moon Under (1731 Chestnut Street). I picked out a look for Day 2 of the conference, so stay tuned! (It’s freakin cute.) AmtrakWhile NYC is literally so close to our little city, traveling there intimidates me majorly. Will my ride be clean/safe/fast/affordable/relaxing are just some concerns that run through my mind. That’s why I was super stoked when Amtrak offered me complimentary round trip tickets to & from NYC. I love that I can sit back, not have to drive (my worst nightmare), and write this blog with free wi-fi and be in NYC in an hour and 20 minutes. Pretty awesome.

uberlogo_large_verge_medium_landscapeIf you follow me on Twitter, you likely already know how much I love Uber. My friends & I use it a ton when going out in Philly for its convenience and how awesome and friendly the drivers are. What I also love about Uber is the fact that it’s available in tons of other cities. I have used it in Chicago & NYC, and get the same great service I’m used to at home. I’m so excited Uber hooked me up for a $100 credit to get me to & from the conference this week! I’ll be riding in style :)

If you’ve learned anything from this post (other than how fab these three brands are), I hope it’s the fact that you must give yourself more credit. Credit for being awesome, and being dedicated, and smart, and an all-around great person. I never thought in my wildest dreams this experience would come my way, and yet, here it is. All because I didn’t sit back, scared of what the outcome may be. I dreamed it, I did it. And you can too. xx

her philly

  • http://www.ohheywhatsup.com/ Corrin Foster

    How exciting! I had no idea you had to apply. Have fun!

    • admin

      Thanks Corrin! :)

  • http://heartprintandstyle.com/ Vivi N

    Um…you gotta share your secrets on how you managed to get these lovely brands to sponsor you! I mean, complimentary tickets from Amtrak? $100(!!!) credit from Uber? Amazing. Speaking of Uber, used it for the first time in NYC. I was very much impressed. Hilar that I haven’t even used it in my city (DC) yet. But I will soon.

    Anywho, great meeting you at LuckyFABB!

    • http://herphilly.com/ Her Philly

      So great to meet you too, Vivi! Uber is awesome! xx

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