Little Pete's Philadelphia

An Ode to Little Pete’s

13th November 2013

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My dear Little Pete’s (219 South 17th Street), how I love thee. We were introduced several years ago, when times were different, but you have remained constant. You’re always there, 24/7, when it’s early and I can’t seem to get out of bed or make myself an omelet quite like you do, or when it’s late, and I need something fried and delicious served to me in under 10 minutes after a long night of drinking.

Little Pete's PhiladelphiaBut oh . . . the best times are right around the corner, don’t think I forgot about them. The best times when it’s around 10 – 11 am, super cold out, on a Saturday, when I need the weekend more than ever. And a coffee. And guaranteed good food no matter what. That’s when you’re the best.

Turkey Reuben Philadelphia Little Pete's dinerI show you off to all of my friends, and they all love you just as much as me. I think even if they didn’t, they would tell me they did, because they know how attached I am to you. Bacon and Cheese omelet from Philadelphia diner

It makes me smile that I can get to you in a 10 minute walk, no driving to South Philly, or even Jersey for that matter, required. Sure, I have to wait for you sometimes, but that just means you’re worth it. 24/7 Philadelphia dinerI think if I ever had to move away from you, separation anxiety would ensue. In my two and a half years in this city, you’ve proved yourself to be irreplaceable.

Apple pie from Little Pete's

I’d like to end with a very special quote I found that truly sums up our relationship: “Sometimes, someone comes into your life, so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever.” There has never been a truer statement. Love ya, Peter.

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  • Chrystina Noel

    I should probably spend more time there. Especially considering that I easily pass it twice a day. Breakfast for lunch sounds like a good idea actually. Especially on a work day.

    • Her Philly

      Yes you totally should @chrystinanoel:disqus! As you can tell, I love it. Let me know what you think! xx