Why I love Philadelphia

Post-NYC Reflections

18th November 2013

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New York City is an amazing place. There is a unique hustle & bustle about the city that I personally have not been able to find anywhere else in the world. But each time I go, for a quick trip or for work or most recently for Lucky FABB, I appreciate my own city so much more.

Why I love Philadelphia

The morning after I returned from three crazy days in NYC, I hopped in my car and drove over to Whole Foods, as I love to do early on Saturday mornings. This trip was more out of necessity, as I traveled an insane amount last month and needed fresh groceries desperately. I decided to get a few other errands out of the way on my trip, so after a stop at Starbucks for breakfast & a latte, I ran to Fine Wine & Good Spirits and the bank, three stops I completed entirely in about a half hour.

Once at the grocery store, I roamed the aisles peacefully, not bumping into anyone or even having to wait in a long line. I walked to the (free) provided parking lot, and got in my car. And just as I reached the bottom of the spiral ramp leading me back out into my city, I stopped. The side street was empty. It was calm. And it was so, so beautiful. I was instantly, once again, filled with joy about the city I live in. I know Philadelphia is mine, and I belong here. I am blessed (yes) to get the opportunity to travel and experience other places, but I am always so happy this is the place I get to come home to.

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  • http://heartprintandstyle.com/ Vivi N

    I had this same reflection when I got back to my city/area. I can only take NYC in doses. I was there for only 4 nights, 5 days but you would have thought I was there for a month. I’m thisclose to saying that NYC is overrated. lolol.

  • http://thenakedcoed.blogspot.com/ Dana

    I’m from the NYC area and I think it’s a totally personal thing, and it’s so funny when New Yorkers get so offended when others aren’t warm to it. It’s a huge city and that doesn’t mean everyone is going to like it! Home is always best, anyway :)